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this is the most majestic thing i have ever seen in my entire life 

it’s like a ballet



Prod:”Last stop on the tour. *opens the door* The room that the five of us will be sharing.”

You:”Cool. Well this is my first time in Philly for a reason other than catching a plane. So show me the town.”


You:”Yes. Is it hard to believe?”

The Guys:”Yeah.”

You:”You guys are so used to groupies that you don’t know the real thing.”

Roc:”I guess you could say that.”

You:”There is no guess, you can.”

Prince:”*laughs* You really don’t take bullshit do you?”

You:”Nope and I can smell it from a mile away, and Roc’s breath was straight up humming with it.”


You:”You know you love me.”

Ray:”So what would you like to do first.”

 Your stomach growled along with Prodigy’s.


 You and the boys got in your car and drove to the nearest IHOP. You were walking inside with Prod and the boys and a mob of Team Mindless came out of no where. Names were being thrown at you left and right. You ignored and continued to walk with your head held high. You guys were seated then Roc got a call from Walter.

~Via Phone~

Walt:”What the hell is going on Roc?! Why is your face all over TMZ and Instagram?!”

Roc:”We got ambushed by TM.”

Walt:”Why are you guys out and about?”

Roc:”We got hungry.”

Walt:”*sighs* Just be careful. YN isn’t used to this.”

Roc:”We know. We’re trying.”

Walt:”Alright, bye.”

Roc:”Bye Walt. *hangs up* YN you okay?”

You:”*laughing at what Prince and Prod said to you* Yeah. Why you asking?”

Roc:”Thanks to TM your face is all over the news.”

You:”*looks at him and laughs out loud* D. I. L. L. I. G. A. F.”

The Boys:”*stare confused* Huh.”

You:”Does It Look Like I Give A Fuck?”

The Boys:”Ohhhhh. And no.”

You:”Exactly. So until I begin to give a fuck, which right now I give zero, then worry about it. But until that day comes along don’t worry.”

Prod:”*kisses your cheek* Okay.”

You guys began talking about how much different your life will be now that your dating Prod. The waitress came took your orders and brought them back. Ray told you how Walt wants them to tell TM about you. So when she waitress came back, you ask her to take a picture of the five of you. Prod hugged you and kissed your cheek. You had them log into their instagram on your phone. They posted the picture with the cutest caption you’ve ever seen:
This girl right here is my girlfriend and our best friend YN. If any of you went to the concert we had three months ago in early May you might recognize her. That’s the night I met YN, and the night I fell in love. YN is everything I could ask for. She supports me, she gets along with all of my broders and my family. And the best part is she loves me no matter what anyone says. YN I know I’ve said ‘luv u’ ‘luvs u’ but I’ve never said the three important words I know you’ve been waiting to hear, I Love You (your full name). Every moment I spend with you is a moment I’ll treasure forever. And Forever with you is a never ending moment. I Love You YN Forever. @(your instagram name) @therealprodigy_1 #love #inlove #prodigy #mindless #MyGirl ##1Girl #MrsRight .

You looked at Prod after reading it and smiled. Your world is Prod and Prod’s world is you. You kissed him and hugged him for it. The boys took pictures and posted them too. You guys went back to laughing and giggling. When the press showed up outside the window the boys got really mad.

To Be Continued…..




That’s why you need to date men, not boys. Boys ain’t shit.

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